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26 октября 2010

Задание №2 компании Alcatel-Lucent

Network Design Business Case

The purpose of this business case is to see how the candidate thinks about a problem such as the ones a network designer will meet. There is no unique answer. The goal is to discuss about assumptions and the different ways to design the radio solution for the following case.

An operator named LET’S DREAM asks you to provide a design to cover DREAMLAND country.

You are in competition for this offer with 2 other suppliers, and the commercial strategy defined is to be aggressive!

DREAMLAND is mainly composed of a big city, the capital, called DREAM CITY, which is composed of Urban (1 square km) and SubUrban (40 square km) environments.

Rest of the country is called NIGHTMARE area and is 550 square km wide.

Target provided by the customer is to have full coverage with a subs capacity as below :

  • 75k subs in DREAM CITY,
  • 2.5k subs in NIGHTMARE area.

    You preliminary study shows that you can use three site configurations:

  • Conf A: capacity of 5k subs, coverage of 0.2 square km,
  • Conf B: capacity of 2k subs, coverage of 2 square km,
  • Conf C: capacity of 500 subs, coverage of 100 square km.

    To guide the discussion, you can consider the questions below:
    1. How would you proceed to cover DREAM CITY? Which configurations would you choose? 2. Same question for NIGHTMARE area? 3. Which other input could you take into account for the design? 4. A “Boost” feature allows increasing the covered cell area by 50%. This feature costs a lot, but can save some sites. Would you introduce it in your design? Where and why?

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