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16 марта 2012

Crisis: to acquire or to survive?

- Well, is it true that Nikolai Petrovich returns? – asked Ivan, the personal driver of the founder and the CEO of the ‘Wight’ conglomerate, looking with hopes at Lenochka, who was a secretary. – Won’t I finally get a job?

Ivan had already been going to the office for about two years as if it was an Internet club. Nikolai Petrovich Paltusov, Ivan’s ‘owner’, was rarely seen in St. Pete, that is why Ivan, as Lenochka said enviously, kicked his heels almost all his working hours. Being an old school man, he suffered from the fact that he got money for nothing, therefore he was ready to apply himself to various orders of ‘Wight’s’ managers and ordinary employees. All the remaining time he spent at the computer – generally on forums, which were dedicated to the off-road racing ‘Ladoga – Trofi’.

- Yes, - Lenochka sighed deeply, - he returns. I don’t understand what you are glad for: I have a feeling that everything will go from bad to worse with his arrival.

- Drop it, - Ivan objected. – You simply don’t know him. Nikolai Petrovich is as wise as Solomon! He will resque all of us.

- Oh, it’s doubtful, - Lenochka shaked her head. – He’ll destroy us. You know I’m so worried about my position! What if he cuts down the number of staff – where should I look for a job during the crisis?!

- Don’t worry, Lenok, - Ivan winked. – Everything’s going to be all right.

The Journey to a Dream

Nikolai Petrovich Paltusov was really fond of Great Britain for all his life. ‘One day’ – he said in his youth, - ‘when I become rich and famous, I’ll buy a cottage on the Isle of Wight and will live there to my heart’s content’. In order to realize this dream he did the first step at the beginning of his career – he named his company for the future residence and depicted a rhombus on its logotype – the same as on the island’s flag.

His first business was real estate development. Using contacts with the regional government, he acquired profitable building plots, invested in engineering infrastructure,...

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